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Pregnancy & Postpartum

Acupuncture is a gentle and effective way to offer support to women, both prenatally, during pregnancy, and postpartum. Treatment during pregnancy is often a continuation of our treatment strategy for fertility, conception, and carrying a healthy baby to term.

Our goal is to continue to optimize health for both the mother and the baby, of course, but other goals include:

• Treating morning sickness
• Stress reduction
• Helping to manage hypertension
• Edema
• Constipation
• Back, hip, rib, and pelvic pain
• Fatigue
• Insomnia
• Anxiety
• Enhancing immune system
• Labor preparation
• Turning breech presentation
• Headaches
• Treating sinuses, colds, flus
• Postpartum depression
• Mastitis
• Lactation issues

Our comprehensive approach involves treating these conditions at the source, using the principles of Functional and Chinese Medicine. To treat a mother-to-be holistically means to acknowledge both mother and child from a physical, mental, and emotional perspective.

My goal is to help women have the most positive experience possible during pregnancy, an easier labor, a healthy baby, and a balanced postpartum period.

My toolbox includes Functional Medicine techniques, acupuncture, optimal pregnancy nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle counseling.

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