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Payment & Insurance

All new patients are required to provide a credit card upon scheduling when you call for your first visit. Your credit card will not be charged unless you do not give sufficient notice (48 hours before first appointment, 24 hours before follow-ups).

Payment is expected at the time of your visit. We accept cash, check, HSAs, and most credit cards. A $35.00 fee will be charged for any returned checks. Returned checks must be replaced by a secured form of payment (credit card or cash).

Cancellation Fees
Cancellations and rescheduling of appointments must be done 48 hours in advance of the first appointment, and 24 hours in advance of follow-ups. If this is not the case, or there is a no show, you will be charged the full fee on either appointment.  Monday morning appointments need to be cancelled on the previous Friday.

We appreciate your understanding and courtesy with regards to missed appointments as this time has been set aside exclusively for you.

Herbs & Supplements
Herbs and supplements are custom ordered exclusively for you, and must be prepaid in advance. There is no return/refund on any of these items.

Lab Tests
You may be given a lab kit to either do a saliva, stool or blood test. Typically, you will pay the lab directly. We do not accept payment from you directly, unless we are ordering the test for you, in your presence. We charge a $25 processing fee for each lab test ordered as well as an “interpretation fee” of $175 per hour. The processing fee is payable to Blossom Health.

We bill insurance as a courtesy. For out-of-network plans we will typically give you a superbill to send to your insurance company.

We are currently in network with:

  • Allways
  • Commonwealth Care Alliance 
  • Harvard Pilgrim
  • MassHealth
  • MGB
  • Tufts
  • Veterans Choice Program

In the event that the reimbursement takes longer than 30 days, we request that the patient call their insurance plan to try to expedite the payment. After 30 days, the patient is ultimately responsible for payment and will be charged for any visits which have not been reimbursed by insurance. Further, if the insurance reimbursement is inadequate, we reserve the right to further request the balance from the patient.

In addition to private health insurance, we also accept MedPay.

Ask about our cash packages for committed treatment plans.

We also offer Zoom telemedicine consults and health coaching throughout the US.

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