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Billing Training

Insurance Billing Training for Acupuncturists in MA & CA!

I have been doing my own billing using Office Ally for nearly 20 years! I rarely have to call an insurance company over payments because my billing is meticulous, ethical, and I keep it very simple (no more than two diagnosis codes). I now offer billing training for Acupuncturists in CA and MA. We use Office Ally as the clearinghouse. If you have another EHR, you will need to find out from the vendor how it integrates with Office Ally.

Training is done in person in your office in MA, and via Zoom or phone in CA. There is a one-time set-up fee to input your patient database into Office Ally, and an hourly training fee. You can include one employee to the training for an additional charge. Due to my private practice, I am only able to take a limited number of clients each month. I do not offer billing services at this time, only the training.

I also offer consulting services if you just have a list of questions and want to pick my brain. The fee is $250 per hour, with a minimum of 30 minutes. To find out more, please call me at 310-621-4553 or email at

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