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Acupuncture treatments can increase a couple’s chance of conceiving by:


Take the journey with me!

I have been treating couples who want to conceive for over 20 years, both via natural means and IVF. And I have a very high success rate treating both female and male infertility, especially in the past few years as I treat more male patients.

It’s not difficult once we address your underlying root issues and then work to enhance your fertility. That’s how acupuncture works. So unlike IVF, acupuncture addresses your constitution and any issues which may be affecting your ability to conceive, whether it be diet, lifestyle, stress, thyroid, PCOS or other reproductive issues, etc. 

Treatments are generally twice a week for optimal results, within a 90-day period. Partners are recommended to come in once a week in addition to having a nutritional consult. It takes 90 days to produce good quality eggs and sperm.

In addition to acupuncture, I use food as medicine, nutritional supplements and other botanicals, Functional Medicine and lab testing, and other approaches as necessary.

If you are doing IVF, acupuncture is recommended to begin prior to IVF, as far in advance as possible. During the IVF cycle treatments are twice a week, and there’s a pre and post session on transfer day. Follow-up acupuncture is highly recommended after transfer.

What’s included in your 3-month journey:

Fertility Cost-Savings Package:
  • Initial consult & initial acupuncture session
  • 20 acupuncture sessions in a 3-month period
  • Pre & Post Transfer Day acupuncture sessions
  • 1 Nutritional Consult 
  • 1 partner consult & initial acupuncture session
If interested, please call 310-621-4553 for pricing*.
*Note: Packages are non-refundable. Partner weekly acupuncture is separate.

It’s a natural treatment

Traditional Chinese Medicine uses completely natural treatment methods that leverage ancient herbal remedies and your body’s innate healing processes. It does not introduce any synthetic or harmful substances into your body or put you at risk of negative side effects.


Access your body’s natural reproductive processes

Acupuncture improves circulation and blood flow, addresses hormone imbalances and reduces stress, each of which plays a key role in fertility. Both male and female fertility are affected by stress levels – high levels of cortisol, the main hormone associated with stress, alters the levels of key reproductive hormones. Studies show acupuncture reduces cortisol levels.


Address the root causes of your infertility

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine address the root causes of your infertility rather than trying to find a workaround. Through acupuncture, your chances of conception can increase in part because we’re improving the health of your body as a whole, bringing your body back to a place where it can function optimally.

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