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My Philosophy

My Story

I have been intrigued by medicine and healing since early on in my life.  When I was quite young and so inquisitive about medicine, my mom would try to “shush me up”.  She wasn’t fond of doctors and I guess my questions struck a nerve.  My first experience with the world of holistic medicine occurred in the early 80’s while living in Boston.  I sought out a quite famous, classical homeopath as my primary care doctor, and that began my journey.  I owe much of what transpired in my life to my doctor, Dr. Richard Moscowitz.

After many years of working in international marketing, I became hooked on Japan, and all of its charm, culture, spirituality, medicine.  In the early 90’s following an auto accident, my dear neighbor Christine, an Acupuncturist, placed two needles strategically, restoring me miraculously to health.   It was on one of our nightly walks, that Christine gently prodded me to consider trying one course in acupuncture.  I was so burnt out on the corporate world and so wanting to find my purpose in life, so I dove in.  That fortuitous decision led me to where I am today.

As a California Licensed Acupuncturist and a National Diplomate of Acupuncture, I hold a Master of Science Degree in Oriental Medicine from Samra University.  I specialize in women’s health (fertility, pregnancy, hormones, autoimmunity), digestion and pain.   My post-graduate training includes the treatment of chronic eye disease, male/female infertility, pediatrics, and Functional Medicine.  I am currently working on an Associates in Nutrition.  My work as a Clinical Research Coordinator at the John Wayne Cancer Institute provided me with an understanding of the western medical model of treating bone disease and cancer.  I was in graduate school at the time and so I observed with full knowing that this was more about healing than just killing cells.

In my thirteen years in practice, I found an integrated approach, with Functional Medicine lab testing and assessments at the heart of my treatment strategy.   Functional Medicine looks at the root cause of illness, much like Chinese Medicine.  It’s just one of the tools in my tool box.

My personal view is that environment and lifestyle play an integral role in wellness.  “We don’t have to “inherit” the genes of our parents”.  Through my studies in genetics and epigenetics, I firmly believe that we can reverse many so-called “inherited” diseases by using food as medicine, along with other healing modalities.

I am very passionate about the results my patients obtain–delighted when a patient is on a path towards healing.   I employ a gentle yet intentional touch, using a Japanese-style of painless, superficial needling.  I dare say that my empathy, listening skills and follow-through, set me apart.  My intention is to provide thoughtful, compassionate care, while empowering patients to be full participants throughout the healing process.

When I am not needling, I spend my time frequenting farmer’s markets and culinary shops, go out into nature, and enjoy crafts, independent film, and good food with friends.  Often you will find me in my spare time, at a seminar about cutting edge medicine.  This work is my life.  I feel so blessed.

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